”A Good Neighbour looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human,and therefore,Brothers…”

Martin Luther King

The different facets of our amorphous lives are filled with different genres of people.Among them one of the most quintessential set of people are our neighbours.The paradigm of neighbours presents us with an interesting medley of people – those people with whom our joys increase manifold and our sorrows get mitigated.But jealous,hateful neighbours escalate tensions and radiate negative energy.And that is where my words are going to focus today……

All through the pages of history,strifes between neighbouring countries have bruised this world over and over again.Unfortunately,it continues.Such corroded relations between countries have already led to two of the most vicious wars in history…and we are on the way for a third.If countries cannot be at peace with each other,it is impossible for us to address the more crucial problems this world is being threatened with.Tolerance, acceptance and love are the only aids that we are now left with to heal this world.Since neighbours are destined to live close to us,we must build trust and cultivate their friendship.Let’s begin today this journey of healing this wounded world….time is fluid…..

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  1. Thank you so much for this! This topic has been on my heart, out close neighbors, but extending globally too. I feel the time is now, more than ever, for us to stand together across all cultures, despite our differences. Wonderful words and quote.

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