My 8 Favourite Mantras

In this world where adages and sayings flow fast on all sides,i want to share with you all 8 of my favourite mantras which goes a long way to get me through each day with a smiling face.

1.Accept it:Whatever situation you face,accept it as a part of your life and take it in your stride.Cribbing about a problem can never help.Even troubles have a shelf-life.

2.Choose friends who make you happy,not stress you:There are enough things to stress about in life without taking on your friends who add to it.Avoid negative friends.Surround yourselves with those who fill your day with positivity,making you feel better about yourself.

3.This is the time:Do not put away things for the right time in future.This IS the right time.Whatever you put away for the right time never gets done.

4.Silence is beautiful:“Listen to silence,it has much to say”-Rumi.

5.Fulfill your potential:Do not fritter yourself on inconsequential things.The only promise you can make to yourself is to fulfill the potential you were born with and the one you have honed in your growing years.

6.Kindness never goes unnoticed:Always be kind and fair to others.Your good work shall revisit you in some way or the other.If nothing else,you shall live with a clear conscience.

7.Stay honest:Okay…this can be difficult at times.But,no matter what,honesty has always been the winner (let’s not consider a few exceptions).

8.Stay balanced:Be it success or a relationship,or be it any situation,stay balanced….always.It can help you overcome many unwanted things you might face.

Not that i am able to follow each of these to the point,but,these mantras really help me a lot.And most importantly,Smile Always :):)Share with me your favourite mantras…….

**with inputs from ‘o-zone’ by Vinita Dawra Nangia

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