The thoughts which I want to erase from my memory…

My blog is the place where i try to distil my purest,and the deepest thoughts through the empowering medium of words.Today, i have resorted to my blog to gain some serenity from the icicle-like thoughts gnashing deep wounds in me.

From my very childhood days till date,my teachers have always told my parents that i have great potential and can succeed in whatever field i choose…if i try.After a few years of listening to the same dialogue,i used to see my parents’ faces turn sullen at the very words.The reason was clear…my lack of effort.Not that i am a complete failure, but then , i have not still proved myself.The very people who once competed with me,now ace through their exams and lives,leaving me coughing in the smoke of their car of success.I know that not everything has ended.But all the bitter thoughts and memories hurling themselves at me are too much for me to bear.And it hurts….a lot…

Those who are reading this, this article was just a little window to the heavy thoughts which i could not vent out…i shall regain my footing….

“failure is the condiment to success”

4 thoughts on “The thoughts which I want to erase from my memory…

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  1. People develop at different rates. When you go at a slower pace, you often learn more and benefit from the experience more than those who rush through. You express yourself well and have a nice writing style.

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  2. The worst label is that of the underachiever…

    it implies some kind of moral failing on a person’s part…

    if you’re an overachiever then you’re some kind of a hero…

    but what if you really are just doing the best you can…

    and you still get labeled as an underachiever?

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