A Welcome Change…

I had never expected it to rain today. All I remember was having a fleeting thought that a drizzle would be a nice break from the tropical heat that has just set in. Taking my afternoon nap, I had just studied for an hour or so when a strong gust of wind broke my concentration. Looking out of the window, I was surprised to find the sky cast with dark clouds. I could not believe my eyes!

Two steps at a time, I ran to the terrace, all the time smiling gleefully like a child. I just could not contain my happiness. With eager eyes, I waited impatiently for the rain to descend. Suddenly, I felt a drop on my cheek. It trickled down to my neck, marking its path with its mellow coolness. The rain soon enveloped me. I stood there, hands outstretched, my gaze skywards-mesmerised by the pure heavenly drops dancing on my skin.

Worried that I might catch a cold, I came downstairs on my mom’s advice and stood in the verandah. Luckily the rain was coming right through the grills and in no time I was thoroughly drenched again. I closed my eyes and savoured each bit of the rain. The raindrops caressed my eyes, fondled my cheeks, kissed my lips, played on my hands-enrapturing me in a tranquil aura-one that I did not want to break out from. I stood there for a long time, letting my worries to flitter away, while a gentle peace filled the void.

By the time I returned to my room, the rain had faded away. The sky had already enrobed itself in the black satin raiments of night.I could make out the silhouettes of nearby trees, their leaves susurrating in the crisp breeze that bristled through the air. With my mind now akin to an unruffled sea,I resumed my work.

It was a welcome break, given the frightful state mankind is in right now. Quarantined at home, we need to find different avenues to cheer ourselves and to keep ourselves occupied. With extreme use of the internet, it is almost at its breakage point. The future is uncertain. But, like every difficult situation, let us hope that this too shall pass. Let us stand united with the health workers and the ones working in the essential services- it is their relentless effort that is helping us lead a life as normal as is possible in the current situation. STAY HOME.STAY SAFE.

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  1. Sophie, I live in a drought-stricken area of the US and your inspiring, illuminating words washed over my parched soul. I could feel your wonderment at the rain shower and the peace it poured over you. Your images are refreshing and your inspired call for unity in troubling times are as a prayer for this welcome change. Thank you for visiting my site!

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    1. Your words just made my day Rachel!❤😊Thank you so much for stopping by and appreciating my writing.Its a blessing to have readers like you❤I am so glad my words could soothe your soul…may you always be happy Rachel…🥰

      Yours is a great site Rachel…keep up the good work!!❤❤


  2. We get so much rain here that dry days are a real treat. It is very cold today, and we have light snow forecast for Monday. But at least it is dry so far.
    Thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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