The Eternal Dance of Love

Endless times and seasons pass,

Yet there love will never pass,

They dance and dance in the starry sky,

They don’t stop even when the sun is nigh.

Life is short but this is an eternal dance,

Far away from time in a beautiful trance,

They gaze at each other with a lover’s glance,

Their hearts jump with delight like a pony’s prance.

Just as the heavens proclaim His glory,

The universe narrates God’s love story,

The handsome planets sway with their fair moons,

Swinging around the sunny bonfire,

They jive about on the starry floor,

While the angels play the harp and lyre.

Mother Nature wonders in awe,

At the splendidness of her Master’s law.

She bursts aloud into an ecstatic song,

Through bird, beast, flower and tree,

She sings of His desire of union with thee.

The flowers of the earth adorn the gardens of paradise,

Each of his little buds are the apples of His eyes,

He awaits each bud to bloom soon,

So that they may join Him in dancing to heaven’s tune.

All of creation waits with eager longing,

To witness for time and time,

Beyond night and mourning,

The dance of God with His Holy Bride,

In the La La land of everlasting morning.


Composed by Anand Thundiyil

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