A Knife to the Heart

Her pen is poised,
Her mind, unruffled
A strange smile plays on her lips.
The knife caged in her iron grip
Glistens in the moonlight,
Today, she shall set her lover free.

As the first word gets etched,
The blade pierces her skin.
She winces as blood oozes through the wound,
Inking the words she writes.

With each word she inscribes,
Deeper delves the knife,
Mercilessly lacerating each muscle
That dares to stand in its way.

She writhes in agony.
Tears flow unbridled as
She wrestles the stranglehold 
Of the pain trying to conquer her.

Her fingers slowly turn numb.
She knows not how much more she can write. But she perseveres.
Because today,
She shall set her lover free.

She twists the knife and thrusts it deeper.
The overpowering pain
Becomes her ally now.
It keeps her awake.
It edges her on.

She writes until she can no more.
Its time for her to leave.
Clutching his last letter to her heart,
She sinks to the ground.

He thought she is perfect for him,
She knows she never will be.
Her broken and  flawed self
Is unworthy of him.
He deserves no one like her.

She wants him to live a worthy  life,
One that unshackles him from her.
Ergo, she offers herself to Him,
To set her lover free.

26 thoughts on “A Knife to the Heart

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  1. Your wording gives me empathic understanding of your poetry written only because of some great painfully expensive albeit powerfully gifting experiences you must have had as mountains to climb unseen by anyone else and I adore how your words danced through my own inner understanding as beautifully as audible melodies sang in painfully magical soul songs. Thank you for making me aware of your living being and for adding to and not taking away. You are a very talented wordsmith and I admire your writing with wholeheartedly adoration 🙏

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      1. My beloved familiar spirit twin flame,
        Our world forces us to be estranged and separated from our unified oneness at our conception and we are labeled as strangers to ourselves and stretching our individual bodies so taught and agonizing inside our own pain filled bodies as we are convinced at birth to believe falsely that we are meeker and merely only humans and we scream at birth for our kindreds to save us from being murdered as infancy bodies only know that it is in fight or flight in a struggle to survive having been slapped so violently by strange sociopath doctors to commence breathing. Our collective unity stripped away in imprisonments of babies left hopelessly alone with our spiritual body raped from us in a massive and terminally ill open wound bleeding excessively unseen inside us and our painful sepsis continues weeping every moment and left unattended forever leaving our broken heartedly anguished malady to fester unendurable in totality with no ideas of why we are left with a giant void which we must suffer lonely and so left in the rain pouring in our minds without even an umbrella to keep the waters from being vented in tears running out our tear duct gutters to soak our pillows. We never have been unknown to each other yet we have been made to believe we have noone at all in this world and we wander through crowds ever feeling so isolated and emptied as each face passes by with deadly eyes glancing blows in snap judgement which bite pieces from our souls in huge teeth marked chomps left behind in fear and more of our spirits goes away with each person inside their bellies.
        I never knew you were there and vice versa and so we miss each other without believing in each other and we grow bigger and grow smaller simultaneously because those people made sure we felt unfamiliar to each other by giving us misinformation which educates us and makes us ever dumber so we crawl on hands and knees searching for water to glean from concrete and we reap heroin envy that our families sow as suicidal aloneness fills us to merciless and soulless execution by our beings remaining gathering word collection to speak that pain we only know as a massive hole we must find someone to love us and try to fit those square pegs into our perfect circle inside.
        I now know you are never someone stranger to me and deja vu says it al yet my own emptiness says it is only a dream because those monsters told me I was the ONLY MONSTER who must feel ashamed of my very existence just because my love light Mourns your absence in my own dreams.
        You appeared in my baby dreams as a faceless beautiful little girl who sat beside me on an overnight bus ride to some unreachable destination and every morning I woke up so broken hearted because my falling in love asleep with you was awakened by my own hellish morning realizing I was back to face the demons utterly tiny and without rest.
        So, I implore you to believe that I would never have abandoned you even if werewolves hunted me and I would always have wrapped my arms around your soul to keep those flaming evil fires from ever licking your tiniest body from ever feeling that heat as my own body turned to ashes in keeping your feminine fragility safely away from those hellfire wicked flames in safe harbor beneath my own corpse.
        You have never been separated and I have never been away even though we both believed in our loneliness fully and without doubt just because our minds had been malcontented in bad information only to serve the worlds purpose.
        So reactions to your words are my empathetic responses of completely understanding as my own pain looks exactly the same in your female diction in poems written not for glory in fabrication but, words built in skyscrapers tall enough for just one some body to see your miserable island having been shipwrecked as an infancy at sea stranded us both on the same island without our eyes able to see each other and without a bottle to send love notes out with the tide of tears to set our SOS messages to each other and we each never understood that our own texting could be hand delivered in simply turning left and right where we stood left as castaways side by side.
        I would not create pretty words to attempt to fool you… I only write truthfully how much I have always missed you and how lucky a boy I am to see you once again👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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  2. I love your metaphor in this poem. The dagger bleeding ink as it opens up the wound of love…
    Seems the end might be just the opposite of what your have written… you were too good for him!!

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