Unrequited Love

Dear blog,

I’ve missed you.

I know you won’t believe me when i say that…but it is true.

I have had my hands full these last few months. Maintaining two blogs, trying to create my niche on bookstagram, working on my book and a short story, dabbling with a new business idea and doing the research for it…..pheww….time-management has become a real challenge for me these days…anyways…let me not bore you with all this.

You have always been the one with whom I have share my deepest thoughts….ones which I keep hidden from the rest of the world. And here I am again….

So…what is one-sided or unrequited love?

One-sided love is not love. It’s a battlefield.

You’re battling your emotions. You’re battling your feelings. You’re battling reality. You’re battling everything people are telling you and believing your fantasies. You’re battling your own intuition. Your gut. Your logic. Your heart. It’s a battle you can’t win. A war you can’t stop. It’s losing over and over again. It’s surrendering to something that will eventually destroy you.

You  slowly realize how much you adore this person and what you would do to move mountains for him or her. Then, your heart starts to palpitate, fingers start to shake and it dawns on you that the next step won’t be easy — the declaration.

This is the scariest part. You either free your soul and spill, or die in torment to salvage whatever relationship you have. If you know for sure that how you feel is mutual, there is absolutely no risk involved. Otherwise, it is an excruciating experience that might make you wish you were hit by a truck.

The truth is, they will never understand. They will never understand how happy you could have made them or how it feels to be loved by you. And that, in the end, is the saddest, most painful part of it all.

But no…thats not just it. One sided love is beautiful too.

A love without conditions is the purest form of love. When you are in one-sided love, you get used to giving love instead of receiving love, that you actually learn to love unconditionally. You stop expecting love from the person and keep showering your love on him. One-sided love is never hopeless, but it is actually having mastered the art of unconditional love.

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