Success is not final,failure is not fatal,it is the courage to continue that counts”

Failure does not end anything,it just flags off the race.It takes you to new heights,encouraging you to forage the wonders that you have in yourself.The ladder of life is incomplete without the rungs of failure.Embrace failure no matter how harsh it may seem.It is actually your friend in disguise,beckoning you to try again.People who cannot face failure, blow away like wistful dandelions.Failure opens in front of you new realms of achievements,new adventures,a new chapter for you to write again.It helps you to carve a niche for yourself.Failure is the potion that you need to drink for success to have its maximum effect…come on..drink it….

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  1. How many times the baby fall down before he start to walk? Nobody tells him he failed, put everyone keep helping me to learn.❤️

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