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Mountain Solitude

Amidst the lonely mountain peak,Stands a soul so lost and bleak,Gazing into the starry night,With raindrops falling in their sight.The rain pours down, a symphony,A melody of purest agony,But still this figure, they remain,Standing alone, their heart in pain.The mountain looms, majestic, grand,A testament to this lonesome stand,And though the storm may rage and roar,This... Continue Reading →

My Neighbour

There are days when he disappears completely. Every one of the blinds stay drawn down the whole day. The door remains firmly shut. He confines himself within the four walls, dwelling on some deep thought. Or, is in pain. Pain that he keeps carefully guarded within himself. Pain, that he suffers alone. On these days,... Continue Reading →

A Knife to the Heart

Her pen is poised,Her mind, unruffledA strange smile plays on her lips.The knife caged in her iron gripGlistens in the moonlight,Today, she shall set her lover free. As the first word gets etched,The blade pierces her skin.She winces as blood oozes through the wound,Inking the words she writes. With each word she inscribes,Deeper delves the knife,Mercilessly lacerating each muscleThat dares to stand in... Continue Reading →

A Priceless Gift…

💕 I simply cannot get over this precious and priceless beauty.Everytime I look at the painting, it takes my breath away... Words fail me at this moment. There is nothing I can say or do that will adequately express how I feel about your gift. Your amazing gift is so thoughtful and kind and will... Continue Reading →

The Eternal Dance of Love

Endless times and seasons pass, Yet there love will never pass, They dance and dance in the starry sky, They don’t stop even when the sun is nigh. – Life is short but this is an eternal dance, Far away from time in a beautiful trance, They gaze at each other with a lover’s glance,... Continue Reading →

Square One

ALL OF US CAN..... "No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again" - Gautam Buddha Hello everyone!! Wishing you a Happy New Year...hopefully 2021 will be worth the wish... It has been a really long time...almost 7 months...since I last wrote something in my blog.Eventually it had been to devote time... Continue Reading →

A Welcome Change…

I had never expected it to rain today. All I remember was having a fleeting thought that a drizzle would be a nice break from the tropical heat that has just set in. Taking my afternoon nap, I had just studied for an hour or so when a strong gust of wind broke my concentration.... Continue Reading →

A rendezvous with the sea…

Peppered with a mind-boggling number of diverse cultures and landscapes, the coastlines of India are not only a treat in terms of the sun,sand and the sea but also the authentic local flavours that you get to sample.Varkala, in "God's Own Country" Kerala is one such pristine beachtown that has left me marvelling at its... Continue Reading →

His Hands Were Meant to hold Pens….

His eyes,designed to sketch a dream world,now droop with fatigue.His frail limbs,made for running in gay abandon,tremble under the load of his fate.His ragged clothes,make way for the heat to singe,for the frost to spear.His dreams of an ideal lifehas blown away like the wisps of dandelion.Caught in the time - warp, he ambles through... Continue Reading →


I sat there with my eyes closed, as I soaked in the revitalising amalgamation of the stimulators surrounding me. The strong aroma of coffee  blended with the fresh mountain air completely braced my senses. My eyes were enraptured by the enthralling site it witnessed. The peak of Mt. Kanchenjungha was radiating a majestically soft golden... Continue Reading →

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