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My Neighbour

There are days when he disappears completely. Every one of the blinds stay drawn down the whole day. The door remains firmly shut. He confines himself within the four walls, dwelling on some deep thought. Or, is in pain. Pain that he keeps carefully guarded within himself. Pain, that he suffers alone.

On these days, I anxiously walk up and down the path that connects our houses. Sometimes, I sit at his door for a long time, wishing that he comes out once. There are times when I slide notes underneath his door, and wait for his reply. But save for rare occasions, silence is all that I receive.

I restlessly go about my work, thinking about him throughout the day. Sometimes I breakdown crying, wishing for a way to alleviate his pain. But there isn’t much that I can do. I return home with a heavy heart, only to find myself at his door not long after. Even the scorching afternoon heat of the sun or a heavy downpour cannot make me go back . I care for him, and I cannot leave until I can make sure he is alright.

A few words, I crave for a few words from him. But he stays silent.

At night, I knock one last time. ” Good night. Take care “, I whisper. “Good night” says a voice from within. I sigh. A tear traces its path down my cheek. I long to hug him, to tell him that everything is going to be alright. But I restrain myself, afraid that I might annoy him. I slowly make my way back to my house. Lying down on my bed, I gaze at the night sky, silently praying to Him, until I slowly drift off to sleep.

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