''A Good Neighbour looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human,and therefore,Brothers...''Martin Luther King The different facets of our amorphous lives are filled with different genres of people.Among them one of the most quintessential set of people are our neighbours.The paradigm of neighbours presents us with an interesting... Continue Reading →


"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,it is the courage to continue that counts'' Failure does not end anything,it just flags off the race.It takes you to new heights,encouraging you to forage the wonders that you have in yourself.The ladder of life is incomplete without the rungs of failure.Embrace failure no matter how harsh it... Continue Reading →


You and I - we are equal.But,a simple game of melanin divides us.You,devoid of this pigment,rule on me.And I,with opulence of it,cower to you.We share the same anatomyBut I pity you.For your heart has been replaced,by a coarse,stony one.You bludgeon me to death.I caress you to life.Because my heart is tender,afresh withhumane blood,rippling with love.You hate... Continue Reading →


Excuses are lies.They scarve the face of truth,They crumple the paper of reality.Excuses sound best to those,who make them.To others they are mere words,Dipped in the cup of falsity.Now,how do you confront the lie?You do so with the truth.And the truth is...You can be the sparkthat ignites the heart.You can be the drop that quenches the... Continue Reading →

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